May is not your typical horror story. It is a psychological horror film which basically deals with a struggling young woman who tries to find her place in the world. May is about a story of a very obsessive-compulsive girl who became who she is due to her upbringing. May was raised by obsessive-compulsive and controlling parents which is why she has become very introverted and isolated. Aside from the fact that she had an introverted personality, May was born with a lazy eye which could be one of the reasons that is hindering her from connecting with other people. As a result, she only talks to a doll contained in a glass box given to her by her parents when she was young. This doll sort of acts like her friend in which she finds comfort and solace by talking to it in times when she needs a companion.

                The movie starts very slow in which we look into the life of May, how she was born and raised and the way she interacts with people. Her character is set up in a way that we would like her and then feel sorry for her when she tries so hard to connect with people but fails in the process. She makes a few connections with people but as their friendships get longer, they eventually drift away from May due to her weirdness. The latter part of the movie would show May’s psychotic state in which we would see how she would decapitate people.

                At first, May was an approachable person who would not seem to be harmful to others but as a series of unfortunate events happen to her one after the other, she suddenly snaps and becomes psychotic. She figured that if she could not make friends, she would have to make one. For every friend she makes, she finds a body part of them that looks perfect and attractive. For the friends that had drifted away from her, she would extract her revenge on them by decapitating them one-by-one, collecting their limbs and then stitching them all together to make the perfect friend – this was after she had lost the doll that was given to her by her parents. After she had stitched the limbs all together, she realizes that her new found friend is not able to see her. As a result, she gouges one of her eyes and gives it to her doll. After she had given the eye to her doll, her doll comes to life – it was not revealed if this was real but it was just probably May in a very happy but psychotic state.

                Despite the slow start of the movie, the events that happen at the start of the movie are vital in helping us understand May’s character. May plays both protagonist and antagonist in the movie. We would feel sorry for her and then we would start to hate her. This movie is not one of those typical horror suspense movies that would shock you but the psychological horror factor of this movie would give you the creeps and make you consider this as an excellent horror film.

Cabin in the Woods


Cabin in the Woods

The first thing that went to my mind when I first saw the title was that it was going to be a typical horror movie wherein people would get stuck in an isolated place then get murdered one-by-one by a loose serial killer. I am partially correct with this guess however, there’s a twist in this movie. This movie is not a typical serial killer on-the-loose movie, it is a movie wherein everything is actually in a controlled environment and people choose their own death. The movie begins with a series of teenagers who go on a vacation in a cabin in the woods. The cast involve the usual stereotypes of teenagers – the athlete, the liberated girl, the geek, the addict and the virgin. Things start to unfold after they arrive in the cabin. The people who control the environment release a certain gas which heightens their libido which makes them prone and unconscious of the dangerous environment they’re in. After they go around the cabin and tinker with the stuff inside it, things start to happen as they get slaughtered one by one by unknown monsters. It was later revealed that the stuff in the cellar that they played with would determine the monsters that would hunt them down. The movie has also a twist because it gives the audience the same feeling of the agents wherein we would just sit back and watch as they run for their lives. It was also later revealed that these murders were sacrifices to the Gods so that they would not bring hell on earth. This is when we realize that these agents are not really bad guys, but they are doing these for the greater good – to save humanity.

                There are also aspects of this film that come to our attention. One aspect that this film tackles is our desensitization to violence. As we get used to the murders and killings, we tend not to be shocked about the fate of the characters as the movie progresses. It was also brought up in the movie wherein one of the technicians told the new security guard to get used to the bloody images as if it were something normal we would see every day.

                Another aspect in this movie that I would like to raise is how interested we are to see what kind of murders the technicians/agents would do to the cast. We are in this position wherein we are excited to see what violence happens next to the people in the movie despite the fact that it is not right to think wrong about what would happen next to them. This is maybe because we would want to witness these accidents and experience these incidents without being in danger and in the comfort of our seats. Overall, this movie is not really that scary but some of the aspects in the movie make it worth watching.



Though I may not be used to getting the chill factor from horror movie because I have been so familiar with it, this movie gave me goose bumps. This movie is actually a sequel to REC and it starts off a few minutes from where the first movie left off. People quarantine an apartment in an attempt to try and contain the virus from spreading. However, despite the risks, people still try to go in because each of them have different reasons as to why they want to go in the sealed apartment. Some people from the  go in to help their relatives, some go in to look for answers and some go in the apartment out of pure curiosity. It was later that they realized that going in was the biggest regret that they had done in their entire life.

What differentiates this movie from other movies I’ve watched is that it is scary because it gives you a firsthand view of what the people inside see. The movie shifts from 3rd person perspectives to 1st person perspectives which give you the feeling of what it is to be in their position.  Another scary thought from this movie is this feeling of entrapment inside a building without fully knowing what’s inside. It would be frightening for the people inside as it was dark and there were lot of blind corners, doors and rooms which heightens ones curiosity because you do not know what’s behind these. Like the people in the apartment, I was frightened as well because I do not know what to expect from all the rooms that they were searching for and going in to. Furthermore, there was no turning back, once you’re inside, it would be tough to get out.

What makes this movie even scarier is that the virus spreads so quickly and that a single bite would turn someone into an infected person immediately. There were no symptoms so it was frightening to be in their position because a single bite would immediately end their life.

What I found interesting and mind-boggling was also in the last few parts of the movie wherein there were actually two dimensions in one place. The only thing that separated these two dimensions was the presence of light. At first it would look like a normal place but then when you’d turn off the lights, it would bring you to a different dimension. There was a twist in the last movie and I’m pretty sure that another sequel to this movie would be in the works. I’d have to say this movie deserves credit and is a must watch for movie goers and horror fans alike.

Triangle. Triangle. Triangle.


As a follower of the horror movie genre, this was not the first time I’ve watched this film. My friends and I would regularly watch horror movies in the cinemas or in their houses. This movie was different from other movies we’ve watched. Unlike the other movies we watched which had other aspects that made it frightening such as paranormal presence or the typical “killer-on-the-loose” scenario, what made this movie pass as a horror movie was that it was psychologically disturbing.

The movie revolves around the story of a girl who sets sailing with her friends and then suddenly gets caught up in an electromagnetic storm which comes up from the middle of nowhere. They manage to survive the storm and seek shelter in an abandoned ship known as the Aelous. Shortly after they embarked on the ship, they start wondering why no one was aboard.The first part of the film shows the group exploring the ship to look for other passengers. To their dismay, they were unable to find anyone and then strange things suddenly start happening to them after they split up. Things start to get interesting when Jess’ friends start to get killed one by one by a masked killer.  Jess starts looking for her friends and eventually finds them. The movie gets more interesting when Jess starts to wonder why her friends are mad at her. She later finds out that “she” was killing her friends one by one. Later in the movie she realizes that she’s stuck on a time loop and that her past self was killing everyone who boards the ship so that it would be able to change the events that was happening in order for her escape. Despite what she does, the events keep on haunting her because time keeps on repeating itself and she encounters all the scenarios she had dealt with over and over again. Later it is revealed that she is stuck on a time-loop and that there was nothing that she could do about it despite whatever she did.

Upon watching this movie the 2nd time around, I had some insights that made this movie very relatable to me. A realization I had was that I had nothing else to fear than time itself. Our time in this world is finite and we continue to gain experiences but in some instances, why do some new situations feel like that it has already happened before? I share the same sentiments with the protagonist of the movie because there were times when I thought of acting differently to produce something different but then it always ends up with the same outcome.   Odd as it may seem, another insight I gained from the movie was that it could be a narration of the possible scenario that was happening in an area in the western hemisphere. There are a lot of unsolved mysteries that are happening at sea particularly in the “Bermuda Triangle” area off the coast of Florida. Ships and planes have been mysteriously disappearing after they passed by the area and these mysteries continue to be unsolved despite the significant advancement of science and technology. I always look at things with an open-mind, and there are things that we as humans, just cannot explain.  I really enjoyed this movie because aside from the “thrill factor” it has, it has made me realize the value and importance of time itself.

Attached is a movie analysis of Triangle which makes you look at the movie from a different perspective.

TRIANGLE EXPLAINED (via Childlogiclabs)