Inn Keepers Want Out


The Inn Keepers

This movie seems to fit the stereotype for horror movies more than the other films showed in class. It shows how the normal routine of characters are interrupted by bizarre happenings caused by the supernatural factors surrounding the plot. The Inn Keepers show a plot with good development as it bit by bit ventured into the darker side of the movie.

The film gives of a light vibe, even if it is obvious from the beginning that it was meant to be a horror film. it made watching the movie easy, and not dragging. The simple horror effects that they added (piano playing by itself, random noises, apparitions) were additional factors that contributed to the movie’s being a horror film, but did not necessarily make the movie scary at all. These text-book horror components were placed for the purpose of what feels like the mere point of just putting them. They just had to be there.

The backstory/history of the inn where the main characters work is explained well, and is easy to understand by the audience. This factor plays a crucial role in the appreciation of the film. As the two leads investigate and try to prove the existence of the legendary ghost at the inn, the extraneous variables that touch upon the main path adds up to the suspense of the film. However, unlike most detective-like horror movie, this doesn’t end with the leads uncovering the mystery. Here, one of the leads actually die, a factor absent in most cliché movies.

With all things said, I think the inn keeper is one of those movies that just passes us by. It brings nothing special to the table. nothing that would make me remember it, and nothing that really struck me. It had all the components of what should be a scary movie, but did not give the same effect on the audience. It was good enough not to be boring, but not scary at all to be considered a good horror film.