What is normal?


What is the norm in our society on the roles and characteristics of males and females? The traditional way would be, males are generally more aggressive, alpha male, bread winner, and are not suppose to show feelings. On the other hand, women are thought to be emotional, sensitive, housekeeping and child rearing and it seems like these social standards spill over into media. It is interesting how we continually see the difference on how horror movies portray female and male characters. We see the distinction of plots, values, themes and personalities.  Let me in was no different in showing that delineation.

                Yet again, we come to face a female ‘monster’ character and how does it differ from all previous horror movies we’ve seen so far? I have noticed and placed similarities between the male and female character. It seems that when it revolves around females the main themes are always linked with her feelings, emotional aspect, while the male character always revolves around gore, testosterone, and blood. Well, of course, blood and all other aspects of the usual male role can also be seen within the female characters. The only difference is when it comes to the female characters it is always subtle. They introduce it slowly as compared to the male counterparts they just shove it to your face – a in your face kind of thing. It is very straight to the point. Let me in follows those norms to a certain extent. The difference is it seems that Eli’s character was more aggressive and imposing. She definitely wore the pants in the relationship. Even if Eli was portrayed as a girl, she did not see herself as a girl. Meanwhile Oskar held the more effeminate role. It seemed like Eli was the protector and Oskar was the protected. We see a reversal of the common understanding of how a female or male should be. Though, nonetheless there still was presence of these norms. But who could blame them both? Eli had power that Eli may not get unless Eli decides to change Oskar.

                We can definitely see the influence of society towards media, even in horror films. These norms and roles of each gender are definitely carried over and these biases towards a particular gender are still very evident. Even if gender equality is very much pushed, it is noticeable that tradition is very difficult to change and our old ways of thinking will continually to influence us. Unless, we do something about it.