Thoughts about “Let The Right One In”


Let The Right One In is a cutesy vampire story that differs from today’s cutesy vampire stories in that it goes back to folklore and the ugly, fearsome, qualities that vampires used to have. This is where stalking and tree swinging is used for prey and not for love interests. This is where bodies burst into fire, not shimmer or glow when exposed to the sunlight. This is where elongated tongues and blood and mangled bodies replace teenage romance and angst.

Here, vampirism is considered an abject rather than something to be envious about. It is something that horrifies everyone, even vampires themselves. Eli could not find anything cool or awesome about being a vampire even after so many years. We get to see her kill a man out of the desperate need to survive, and she later regretted that decision. Because of the nature of her circumstance she has to stay hidden and the only ones that she can interact with are among the unlikeliest of people, Oskar and Hakan. Virginia, the lady that Eli infected, went through a similar experience as well. She was horrified of what she has become and she took some drastic measures to stay alive and hidden, like drinking her own blood (which she later found not to be ineffective) and staying at home. Unlike Eli, though, Virginia later commits suicide by allowing her boyfriend to open the curtains and let the sunlight in the hospital room she was confined in. Eli could not think about committing suicide even if she went through the horrors of vampirism longer and she’s technically older than Virginia.

Vampire movies are usually associated with male vampires enticing female humans out of lust or love, but this one is different because it is a vampire film where the main vampire is “female” and is being courted by a male human. Eli turns out to be actually male later on, but Oskar ends up not caring about it. He wasn’t looking to be satisfied sexually with Eli anyway, unlike Hakan (in the book). Oskar just wanted to be with someone he understands and someone who understands him. The love between them is the cute and innocent kind rather than the intense and passionate kind found in most vampire movies. Many say that it’s more likely that Eli was just using Oskar, that Oskar would eventually replace Hakan, but the director himself thought differently in an interview. He said that he saw the relationship between Oskar and Eli as a happy ending rather than a sad one. Thinking about it, Eli even tried to push Oskar away. He was initially in bad shape: disinterested, weak, cold, pale, and smelly, but Oskar didn’t mind. When Eli told him that he wasn’t a girl he didn’t care. When Oskar later knew that Eli was vampire and that he was actually a castrated male, he could have just ran away but he didn’t. He even protected Eli from being killed by Virginia’s boyfriend. And, Eli returned the favor by going back for Oskar to save him from his school bullies. More than that, the director pointed out that Eli taught Oskar a few important things: that it’s good to fight back but it’s not nice to kill. When Oskar wanted to kill so much out of hate and revenge, Eli showed him what its actually like and how awful it could be to kill. Even if I initially held the thought that Oskar was just going to end up like Hakan, I’ve always thought more that the Oskar and Eli had pure intentions for each other. They can be the most horrific couple, (imagine two kids in love with each other, they are both male, one is a vampire who needs to kill while the other is a bullied human who wants to kill) but even so, at the very least they had genuine caring and love for each other.

Let the Right Vampire Movie In


Let the Right One In features a Vampire love story that differs largely from the Twilight series. It is definitely darker and disturbing with a tinge of sweet innocent vampire romance. The viewer is provided with the touching innocence of a child experiencing his first love that is coupled with the haunting, reimagining of the immortal story of the vampire, a story which the vampire really deserves. Love here is the root of the horror. We never know if Eli looks at Oskar as friend, boyfriend or dinner. Like Bella, Oskar willingly accepts a vampire into his home and consequentially, his life in general. It is interesting to note that almost all those who strike a relationship with a vampire, are commonly troubled, cast out by society and generally discontent with their lives. Bella, well Bella is plain weird and Oskar is a shy, unhappy and bullied child from school, and both are living with divorcee parents. The vampire acts as a sort of escapist reality for their own less-than-perfect world, and presents an entirely new world full of new thrilling adventures. The dynamic of the male vampire, female girl is also switched around; instead we have a girl vampire coupled with a human boy. Oskar wanted a friend who for once does not endanger him physically and emotionally. What is ironic is that he found a friend and safe place in a vampire, a creature supposedly a thousand times more dangerous than 500 bullies combined.

The love story is not too overdone too. The relationship between Oskar and Eli is purely friendly, innocent and cute at the same time. With one touching scene Oskar asks Eli to be her girlfriend, it mirrors the sad, heart-breaking reality of a lonely soul seeking out to another lonely soul, only more immortal. Furthermore, the film is not without its shocking and unnerving moments. There are many scenes wherein Eli attacks and drinks blood from random people in brutal animalistic fashion. And the transformation to a vampire is highlighted too. There is a scene of one of Eli’s surviving victim spontaneously combusting in a hospital.

The film does not lack in the disturbing department either. By the end of the film, Oskar runs away from home with Eli, and one can’t help but notice that unless Eli turns Oskar into her own, Oskar is still going to age. This mirrors the fact that Eli at the start of the film is assisted by an old fart that helps her get fresh blood by murdering random strangers. What if that old man, 60 years ago, was a similar young hapless boy who happens to fall in love with Eli too? This leads us to a dark realization that Eli and Oskar’s story maybe a dark cycle all along.

Let the right one in is surely one of the best and memorable rom-horror films out there. 

Let the Right One In


I have never been a big fan of the combination of vampires and romance after seeing Twilight. Because of Twilight, I immediately think that a film containing vampires and relationships would be something very cheesy and romantic. Upon learning that we would be watching the film “Let the Right One In”, a film that involves vampires and love, I was a bit disappointed as I thought that it would be something similar to Twilight. The film was quite different, as still retained the idea that vampires drink human blood. There were scenes showing Eli and Hakan hunting for human victims. Vampires here were portrayed as something scary, as creatures that kill other people, as opposed to Vampires in Twilight who are portrayed as creatures who do not want to harm other people. Aside from this, I also found it interesting how Eli is shown to be both caring and ruthless at the same time. It shows that these bloodthirsty creatures are still capable of affection. At the start of the film, we are shown how Oskar is regularly bullied by his classmates. He can do nothing against them except for plotting his revenge against them. Oskar meets Eli, and after a while, the two form a relationship. In this film, the monster and a human being have a relationship wherein they work together rather than fight each other. They were shown to save each other from harm or even death. When Oskar was being drowned in the pool, Eli killed the bullies. When Lacke was about to kill Eli, Oskar intervened and as a results wakes Eli up. Because of this, Eli was able to kill Lacke. In general, I really liked the film since it is a good romantic horror film. It was nothing like Twilight, which just removed the entire horror factor from vampires. “Let the Right One In” maintained the common notion of the vampire to be bloodthirsty killers while at the same time, gives the vampires a more humane nature, which is to love. It changed my perception on films containing vampires and romance. In this film, there was a scene that I particularly did not understand. It was the scene wherein Eli was shown to have a scar in her genital area. In the earlier part of the film, Eli mentions that she is not a girl. After seeing that scene, I was wondering if Eli was actually a boy who was castrated. In their relationship, Eli was actually the one who acted like the male. She was the one who was strong and dominant. Oskar acted as if he was the female since he was the one who needed protection. He was shown to be weak and powerless against other people.


Let The Right One In: Young Love


“Let the Right One In” is a horror film which tells the love story between a boy named Oskar and a vampire girl named Eli. Unexpectedly, I actually liked it because it was able to effectively present the romantic aspect of the horror genre which was quite uncommon among horror films. Many would probably compare the movie to the cheesy and well-known “Twilight” series but I would certainly not. Without a doubt, I can dare say that the said film was so much better because of its inspiring and touching story. It did not only present two young lovers in such an original and unique way but it was also able to address several recurring themes such as bullying and revenge. Indeed, I am glad our professor decided to show it as the final film for our horror film class since it was a great way to end the semester.

Oskar was first introduced as a young boy who lived with his mother and frequently visited his father and kept a knife under his bed while collecting newspaper readings about gruesome murders. He was constantly bullied in school so he had always thought of revenge. One day, he met a strange girl named Eli who just moved next door with an old man named Hakan. Although she was requested to stop seeing Oskar, Eli convinced him to fight for himself. They eventually became close friends and by exchanging Morse codes, their bond with each other slowly strengthened. Due to Hakan’s failed efforts to obtain blood, Eli consequently killed a local man named Jocke and Hakan was forced to sacrifice himself in order to feed her. Eli had no one to run to so she went to Oskar’s apartment and as she revealed that she was not a girl, Oskar just ignored it. Since the body of Jocke was discovered by his classmates, Oskar learned to fight back by attacking one of the bullies. Lacke was the only friend of Jocke and his girlfriend Virginia bursted into flames after getting attacked by Eli and being sensitive to sunlight. Eli finally admitted her true nature as a vampire and their relationship still evolved even though Oskar was devastated of Eli’s need to kill for her survival. The final few moments of the film involved Oskar and Eli saving each other from near death experiences as the bullies and Lacke seeked out revenge. The movie ended with Eli, whom Oskar protected against the sunlight, travelling together on a train.

In general, “Let the Right One In” efficiently presents how relationships and young love in particular start and continually develop. In addition to this, the predominant gender issue in the film was that Eli acted as if she was the male while Oskar acted as if he was the female. It was discussed in Linda Williams’ article that women can find their power in the monster’s power and Eli best exemplified this. Eli was the one who taught Oskar to stand up for himself and she even saved him from the bullies in the swimming pool. On the other hand, Eli was helpless and incapable throughout the movie specifically when he just simply shouted when Eli was about to be killed by Lacke. Moreover, Eli’s revelation to Oskar that she was a vampire can be associated with Barbara Creed’s concept of the monstrous feminine stating that there is something abject about the woman which disturbs the whole system and order of things. In the end, the film is proof that young love exists and love knows no boundaries.

Just Let Her In Already (Let the right one in)


Let The Right One In

            Since I have watched a very similar film entitled “Let Me In,” watching and keeping my focus on the movie was very hard to do. The fact that I didn’t like the movie before added to the frustration of having to sit through class, and watch scenes I’m not interested in, and having to correctly guess what was going to happen next just because the two movies are too alike.

            Let Me In shows how a disturbed boy who is always bullied and ostracize in school ends up making friends with a strange young girl who lives near his place. Little did he know that this girl is a vampire. But unlike the usual vampire stories we know where the creature is hot, drinks blood, and has other super powers like compelling others, super speed, and great strength, the movie portrays the girl as a regular human being at first. It would be later in the movie where we see her actually do something uncommon for it would always be the guardian of the who would always be the one to do the dirty part of the work to get her blood, etc.

            Generally, I am disappointed with the fact that this movie has a “twin,” and that none of the two caught my attention. I think it was because majority of the content of the movie lies in the script, a factor hard to focus on when the graphics are usually dull and grey. I didn’t notice the horror part of the movie much, except the very obvious part that there is a vampire as a character. A little bit of killing was done, but not to the point that images from the scenes would haunt me as much. The image of a vampire in my head is so changed that I couldn’t even consider the character of the girl in the movie as one. She was just another girl who is weird and peculiar, but not really a monster to be scared of.

Slutlig skräckfilm: Låt Den Rätte Komma In


The movie, Let The Right One In, stands more as a romantic movie than a horror movie. The romantic situation between the two main characters were more of a focus than the infliction of horror to its viewer.

The movie focuses on the development between the characters Oskar, a very passive boy and Eli, a very imposing vampire girl. Their relationship grows as they become close through their nightly meetings and this grows into something not even both of them expected. Oskar really liked Eli as it seemed to show that whatever reason Eli seem to tell Oskar he doesn’t mind one bit of it. In the end, Oskar runs away with Eli caring for her during the day while they cherish the nights together, though not explicitly said in the film.

What I really liked about the movie is that it sticks with the classical vampire lore. The title itself is a direct link to vampire lore where they could not enter somebody else’s abode without being invited in. This is also shown in a harsh way in the film where Eli comes in Oskar’s apartment without being invited in and blood gushes out from almost every orifice of her body. The well-known vulnerability of vampires to sunlight is given great air time here with the suicide of Lacke’s girlfriend. Basically the presence of a classic vampire is very much a plus for me.

What makes it a horror film is more on the premise and imagery in the film. Things that are disgusting and repulsive are shown almost most of the time. Blood is a prevalent image in the film. We see different ways where in blood is being procured, the cattle like draining and collection of blood by Hakan, the vampiric sucking of blood by Eli and there are other simple ones like the supposed blood pact by Oskar and Eli and Conny’s bleeding ear. Another main object here is the vampire herself. The violation of death of the vampire proves it to be something that is outside what is supposed to be and the mere fact that its sustenance is brought forth by the loss of blood of another is something pretty dreadful. The repulsion of the vampire is pretty much a hot case as shown in the film most of them reject it. The infected girlfriend of Lacke knowing that she is turning purposefully ends her life not wanting to be something of unlife. Eli herself does not want to be one as she stated that she only kills because she has to and not for some selfish reason.

Aside from the apparent imagery, the existence of obstacles to Oskar’s and Eli’s relationship proves to be another source of horror in the film. Such are the early warnings of Hakan, Oskar’s bullies and ultimately Lacke’s search for Eli. These can be horrific since we wouldn’t want something to get in the way of that sweet innocent relationship.

The film is a great film which showcases the flexibility of horror films. They do not always stem from generic scares and excessive gore. Certain images and situations bring about this sense of horror. Let The Right One In does this well and though having horror elements and romance elements the two mesh together well to create conflict and good plot. The film was a great way to end the course as it gives a good feeling afterwards and we know that it is a horror film.

Can I come in?


Let The Right One In reminds me of one of the films we watched in class, which is Grace. Both movies are about blood-sucking monsters. Both monsters were taken cared of by their parents just for their own sake. In Grace, her mother feeds her through breastfeeding even though it hurts too much and even though it bleeds. On the other hand, in Let the Right One In, the father kills other people just to feed the girl, Eli, to survive.


The movie started when Oskar, saw new neighbors moved in at their building. Oskar had no friends and was always bullied at school. He plays by himself at the courtyard near their apartment. The new girl approached him and Oskar liked her. Since then, they became friends. Oskar knew that there was something wrong with this girl, Eli. She was a bit skinny and was not feeling cold outside when they were with each other. In fact, she’s not wearing any jacket or sweater to keep her warm. Oskar had no idea that Eli was a vampire. Her father kills other people for blood to be given to Eli. One day, he was at the school and he had a student as one of the victim. He was about to be discovered but due to his love for Eli and to protect the identity of Eli, he poured acid in his face so that no one can recognize him. He was taken at the hospital and Eli went there. Eli was in need of blood and felt weak. So the father sacrificed himself and offered his own blood. Eli was left alone so she went to Oskar. After that, they become closer to each other and loved each other. One day, Oskar decided to go out with Eli and to make things closer, Oskar wanted to have a blood compact. When Oskar cut his hand and it bled, suddenly Eli was overpowered and started licking the blood at the floor. Eli was out of control and left Oskar. Until then, Eli avoided Oskar and hid. Since Eli was left alone and no one to feed her, she fed herself through killing the people at the town. Oskar knew what Eli was so he confronted her. He accepted her even though she was not of his kind, a monster. One of the witnesses of Eli’s killings knew who she was, so he went to investigate in the apartment. Oskar saw him so he rushed to protect Eli. Eli woke up and made the witness as her meal. Eli thanked Oskar, but she knew that more people would go after her so she needs to hide somewhere where no one can find her. Oskar felt depressed that she has to go away, but he’s thankful that Eli taught her to be strong against bullies. The bullies picked on him during his swimming class and he was being drowned. To his surprise, Eli came, saved him and killed the bullies. At the end of the movie, Oskar was on a train with a huge box containing Eli.


The difference of this movie among other horror films is that the monster is not really bad. She only kills people because she needs to. Unlike other films, the monsters are not in their right mind and have no option to spare people. The movie also focused on the idea of love of Oskar despite Eli’s being.