Triangle: A hyperbole of everyday life

I eagerly waited as the first horror film of the sem was starting. When it was unfolding before my eyes, some doubt was starting to build up. When I saw the big storm coming, I thought to myself that maybe we were just watching a disaster movie. But then the eerie ship came and I knew that this would be interesting. The craving for horror was then fulfilled as the events poured out and things started to make sense. At first I thought it was a disaster movie, then i thought it was a slasher film, I didn’t expect it to be something darker. It all became clearer, and at the same time more confusing. The sight of all the dead ladies on the upper deck was quite a memorable moment. As discussed, there’s this feeling of being trapped in this world, with the fear of the unknown looming over like a big dark cloud. More than the fear of the unknown, the fear of being caught up in a vicious cycle is seen. I’m scared of being stuck in a rut, of being in the same thing over and over again, and unluckily for this poor lady, this takes the cake. Not only does she gets stuck in a rut, she’s also stuck in a world filled with pain that you may see coming but you ultimately cannot do anything about it. There are times when frustration builds up in me, I just want to control her for her to do things differently but of course, you can’t. You just have this sense of helplessness, and in turn you look to yourself thinking, what if I can do things to prevent certain things from happening but there’s a false sense of free will of mine to do it, but actually I can’t. Just a flurry of questions and scenarios playing in my head after watching Triangle.

I like how it’s not really a scare-you-out-of-your-seats horror movie, it’s more of a horror movie that would make you think and have deep discussions about over a drink. It doesn’t have the same effect as ghost horror movies where you can’t sleep because you’re afraid, Triangle keeps you up thinking again and again and again, what the hell was that? Or worse, what if that happened to me, or if that is what’s happening to me? I was so caught up in it that I searched in the internet various theories about the movie and plenty of explanations were brought up. I guess what’s great about it is that it stirs up debate as well, there’s no definitive meaning to everything, unlike what happens to the characters in the movie who are set out in a path that they can’t change, here we can look at things and decipher them our own way. Certain movies give people different emotions, and I think Triangle definitely has that certain effect that would make the viewers a bit disturbed and in some ways question their own lives.

I was very pleased with the first viewing for the sem and i can’t wait to learn more and watch more movies that can help broaden my scope in looking at the genre of horror.


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